• Clover & Sorrel

    Brother and sister, Clover and Sorrel came from a mummy that was unable to support twins. So, she was ‘dealt with’ because she was unprofitable and the farmer did not want to waste money on milk to feed her lambs. So, they were relinquished to the sanctuary. They were in very good condition when they arrived, they were the right weight, they followed around waiting for their bottle. They are very bonded. Sorrel is very protective over most of the sheep. He is an absolute rascal. His favourite hiding place is behind the shed door; he likes to wedge himself behind it. When they first arrived the lambs were in…

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  • Saffron the sheep


    Saffron is Bramble’s mum. We had to go back to the farm to get milk for Bramble, which would have cost us €20 for a sack of milk. So we phoned up the farmer and said, we need to buy milk for the baby, the baby is missing mummy, could we buy you a sack of grain for the same value as the milk and we take mummy? He agreed. So we brought Saffron back to the Sanctuary to nurse her little baby. Once Bramble was well enough, the two joined the other residents in the garden. You have our deepest gratitude for choosing to support our sanctuary and helping…

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  • Bramble

    Bramble came to us via a phone call from our vet who was going to euthanise her. She wasn’t wanted because she was polyarthritic. It’s a very common condition in overbred sheep – it’s called ‘joint ill’. When we went to see her, she was in a filthy shed, separated from the other lambs. They were all kept in the dark, away from their mums in a space that was probably three foot by six foot. We nursed Bramble for many months, and eventually her infected wounds healed and she was able to go out into the garden with her mum, Saffron. She will always have difficulty walking, due to…

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  • George

    George is the father of Anikin. He came to us from a back garden of someone who did not want him anymore. He is an entire male. He is quite elderly and he likes to butt, so they fight between the two of them so that George shows that he is dad again. He is very demonstrative and quite loving. He is the escape artist, rather than his son. So, he will take advantage if someone does not shut the gate properly and he can get his head through. He does not mind human interaction and he will do anything for a biscuit. He is a bit like a weird…

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  • Holly at the Big V sanctuary


    Holly came from a farm that was fattening her up to go to slaughter. Holly broke her leg so she now walks a little lame and it looks awkward. Her leg was plastered so that she would be able to walk up the ramp of the slaughter lorry. All animals have to be able to make their own way to their death. We asked the vet if was worth operating but he does not wish to expose her to further trauma. She was relinquished to us on the day of her slaughter because the farmer had a change of heart. You have our deepest gratitude for choosing to support our…

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  • Anikin the sheep at the Big V sanctuary


    Anikin is the son of George. He is a full male; he has not been castrated and neither has his father. He was originally kept by people to mow their law. Sadly, as is so often the case, people change their minds so they were relinquished to the sanctuary so that they had the chance of a home with someone who was prepared to let them live out their lives naturally. You have our deepest gratitude for choosing to support our sanctuary and helping us to care for our precious residents. Thank you for being one of ‘the best people’!

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  • Lilly the sheep at Big V


    Lilly arrived at Easter 2018. A spring lamb, she was destined to be killed and eaten – a quickly forgotten meal would have cost her one precious life. She was released to us because she had a broken leg and was, therefore, unlikely to survive without care and treatment which the farmer was not willing to give. Upon her arrival at the sanctuary her leg was treated and placed in a cast and she was given medication for early onset pneumonia. She can now look forward to the kindness and gentle loving care that she deserves. You have our deepest gratitude for choosing to support our sanctuary and helping us…

  • Brynn

    Bryn was severely injured in an incident involving a piece of farm machinery. When he first came he was dragging his hind legs, so he had an intense course of laser therapy and physiotherapy to help him walk. All he can have now is possibly a hip brace to make his hips stronger. He is an absolute darling He is the most gentle person out there. He has the look on him that you feel you are disappearing into this soul. He is always the last to the food pot. We all feel sorry for him all the time, which he uses to his advantage. When the biscuits are being…