The Garden Café

Sadly, due to COVID-19, our Garden Cafe is now closed till further notice.

Visit the Big V Sanctuary Café

Winter Opening times: 1 October to 31 March

Sundays only: 12 pm until 3 pm for lunch and cakes; evening meals from 7 pm

Advanced booking only except for tea/coffee & cakes

Other times by prior arrangement

Indoor seating available seating up to 12 in wet or cold weather

Come and enjoy beautiful food in a quaint and magical setting. Scrumptious delights await you at Big V Sanctuary. Surrounded by the sanctuary animals and peace, this alternative little cafe offers an oasis of calm. 

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Our menu

Below is an example of our menu. All our meals are freshly prepared and our menu changes according to the seasonal availability of ingredients. Please check our blackboard for details of the daily specials. We also have a bar license and can offer a range of beer and wine plus non-alcoholic drinks.


If possible, please book 24 hours before your cafe visit and advise if you would like a gluten free meal, or any other special dietary requirements, at the time of booking.

All our meals are cooked to order using fresh ingredients, so advance booking will help us to avoid waste.

Contact us to make a reservation or for more information

Our sample menu


Gaspacho with homemade bread/Gaspacho et pain maison 8€ GF*

Tomato and mozarella salad with basil and lemon dressing/Tomate et Mozarella Salade, huile d’olive basilic citron 8€ (GF)

Chorizo Salad 8€

Green olive tapenade with homemade bread and tomatoes/Tapinade Olives vertes avec pain maison et tomate 8€

Ricotta with shallots, balsamic and homemade bread/Ricootta avec shallots, balsamic et pain maison 8€ (GF ricotta avec salade)


2 BigV burgers with salad, sprouts, lentils, hummus, mayo and homemade bread/2 Big VBurgers et Salade, pousses, graines, hummus, mayo, pain maison 12€  with chips 14€ avec Frites Fraiches 14€

The Big V deluxe: 2 BigV burgers, cheese in a bun with pickles, hummus, mayo, salad and chips 15€

Buddha bowl 10€ (GF option) composition du jour

Boulettes avec sauce champignons et tomate avec riz 12€


Chips/Frites fraiches 3.50€ GF  Hummus 3.00€ GF Salade 4.00€ GF Extra mayo 2.0€

*Dish of the day, subject to availability *Desserts – see blackboard *Gluten free dessert available

*Plat du jour si disponible *Gateaux : voir ardoise *Option dessert sans gluten disponible


Tea/Thé infusion 2.50€ : Rooiboos, Earl Grey, Citron, Cassis, Fruit Rouge, Noir

Chai Latté 4€

Café Latté 3€

Turmeric/ Curcuma Latté 4€

Espresso 1.5€ Double 2€

Cappuccino 3€

Grand Café/ Americano 2€

Syrop: Peche, Grenadine, Menthe 1€

Eau petillante 1.5€

Range of smoothies and shots available: ask for details