• Winston black goat


    Winston is complex, he loves with absolute sincerity, until he wants to not love you anymore, then it’s a bit painful. The art is knowing as his mood changes. He has been misunderstood his whole life, seen as too aggressive and demanding, passed on as a lawnmower from one home to the next. The times when he feels safe and calm enough to show his affection are to be cherished.

  • Roger

    When Roger the goat arrived to us, early in 2024, he had deep ligature marks, stomach issues, severe diarrhoea and an infection. Nobody wanted him, not the spa, nobody in the area, so he was dumped on us to deal with, again… Roger had to be isolated for three months, necessary time for him to get treatments and be strong enough for surgery. Here he is now, six months later, looking quite the handsome goat. Roger is a bit of a prankster and quite skittish.