Blossom the pig


Blossom came from a factory farm, and she was destined to be killed against the thumping wall. She was the runt of the litter, probably trapped the wrong side of mummy in the farrowing crate. She had not suckled properly and was suffering from severe complications due to calcium deficiency. Her hips were deformed and she was covered in abscesses. Blossom arrived when she was just ten days old. The vet arrived within a couple of hours to start her lengthy process of rehabilitation. She needed several surgeries, extensive physiotherapy and unconditional love.

Blossom grew into an athletic, intelligent person, but remained bashful and easily intimidated by the other pigs. She was always the first to come up for a cuddle but always the first to run away when the others became too boisterous. She was our problem-solver and escapee. Presented with a new lock or gate, she took great pleasure in scaling the obstacle within half an hour. All gates had to be triple locked, with one lock out of sight. Even so, Blossom was still capable of jumping over four feet!

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