Clover & Sorrel

Brother and sister, Clover and Sorrel came from a mummy that was unable to support twins. So, she was ‘dealt with’ because she was unprofitable and the farmer did not want to waste money on milk to feed her lambs. So, they were relinquished to the sanctuary. They were in very good condition when they arrived, they were the right weight, they followed around waiting for their bottle. They are very bonded. Sorrel is very protective over most of the sheep. He is an absolute rascal. His favourite hiding place is behind the shed door; he likes to wedge himself behind it.


When they first arrived the lambs were in the house and Sorrel used to find great fun in jumping on anyone who was dozing on the sofa. Clover is more genteel. Her favourite friend in the garden is Blossom, but Blossom is so timid that they rarely settle together. Clover keeps trying, until Sorrel gets a bit jealous and butts Clover out of the way to go and be a sheep person again. Clover’s favourite treat of all time is a ginger nut biscuit; Sorrel’s favourite is a rich tea biscuit.

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