Bonnie and Clyde peacocks

Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde are royal pains! They are gregarious, demonstrative, needy, very loud, and they like destroying the roof. If we happen to be sleeping past 5am they will knock on the bedroom window until we open the curtains. Calling out to them does not work; that is not good enough. They have to see that the curtains are open, and that they have manipulated the household enough to know that people are actually up.

Bonnie is constantly at the kitchen window peering in to see what she can thieve from the kitchen. They work in tandem. If Bonnie is at the kitchen window and the bedroom window is open, Clyde will jump in. Or, vice versa, Bonnie will run in the kitchen. They call to each other constantly to let the other person know what is going on; they actually have little conversations. They disappeared for the first three days when we let them out, but then they returned. Apparently this is very common for peacocks– they do come back.

When the hunt is about we can call to them and they will come running. They don’t have a pen; they like to sit and roost in the shelter tree. We don’t like it, we would prefer them to be out of the rain, because peacocks don’t like to be wet. They’ve got a little shed, but they don’t go in it, so if it is really rainy they sit outside the kitchen window.

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