Sebastian was the quietest boar, the most loving and gentle dad, always giving way to his lifelong mate Belle. He was Phoebe’s dad and Tom’s, Isabelle, Rose, Florence and Charles. He was a superb father, always letting his kids go first, always there to protect his mate, whom he never left or overlooked.

He arrived to us, so broken and abused, so terrified, with his caved in snout from the use of a shovel. A deformity our vet was unable to correct, that left Seb with a rather loud snuffle, so we always knew where he was. However scared he was at the start he valiantly stood before his pregnant Belle, shaking from fear, but still trying his best. His babies arrived shortly after their arrival and he lay outside the house protecting them all, playing with them as they grew.

Seb ended up trailing after us for a quiet tummy scratch or a tickle behind the ear. That’s all he ever gained the courage for. He stopped shaking and used to say hello, but remained quiet, aloof and watchful. His quiet presence is deafening now he has gone, sometimes the quieter one’s create the largest ripple to the equilibrium when they pass.

Seb left us in the same manner he lived his life, passing quietly in his sleep, surrounded by his family. The first litter and the last that he and Belle had been able to nurture. He was around 18 years old and for the last 9 years he knew kindness, safety and respect. He never had to worry about a shovel or foot again.

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