Meredith is one of seven tiny lambs who joined the sanctuary just before easter 2024. She is the most loving and trusting of all. An utter fluffball of heart and hooves. She follows anyone around for some extra love and soaks it up like a seedling takes water.

Her character is gentle and devoted to her friend Freya, but she can get demonstrative with me if she feels I’m loving the others too much. She is the first one to say hello to me in the darkest of mornings and the last one asking for hugs at night. Occasionally she will come knocking on the back door to visit and sit, along with her friend Freya. I wish everyone could meet Meredith, she could turn the hardest of hearts.

As you can see, Meredith is the lock expert, she has now figured out three of our gates. She holds the bolts and wiggles, she lifts hooks with her tongue. The only gates she can’t open are those with a lock combination she can’t physically reach. All this to come find me, if I haven’t said hello enough to her liking.

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