Gretel the sheep


Gretel was one of seven lambs we rescued just before Easter 2024. A few months later, Gretel is thriving. Gretel has had an incredible journey, she was the most at risk of dying out of all the lambs. Despite some of the others having far more serious complications and illnesses, Gretel had just given up on life without her mum.

Thankfully, we were able to get her mum Abigail to the Sanctuary, along with Freya’s mum Agatha, and within 48hours Gretel had started to thrive and was looking outwards towards life, rather than needing to be syringe fed. All the time we are led to believe that the bonds are thin at best between animals bred into the animal agriculture industry. This narrative is utterly false, used and repeated to alleviate the possibility of sentiment, full understanding and empathy.

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