Harvey & Oberon

Little orphans Harvey and Oberon arrived at the sanctuary at the end of May 2024. Those first few days the boys were very weak, but they are very relaxed in their new surroundings. The first night, Lyss and I went through the dark hours together, cleaning them up and feeding. They managed three feeds since being home of 50mls each, so that’s not to be sniffed at, as we were told the weaker of the two didn’t really drink at all. Like all weak lambs we’ve had, they preferred to be held and supported to drink.

Fast forward a few weeks, the boys Harvey and Oberon have started to have excess energy to burn off. It’s taken a while to reach this phase of their recuperation, but they let us know when they want to play. We still have concerns about the stability of one of little Harvey’s rear legs, and he is under close observation. Meanwhile, they are taking over the house, and the best chairs!

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