The chicken crew at Big V sanctuary

The Chicken Crew

Chickens are intelligent and sensitive birds who may live up to 11 years in their natural environment. They love dust baths and the bathing helps to ward off parasites as well as maintain their feather insulation. Mother hens talk to their unborn babies, and they chirp back through their shells. Chickens know who’s boss. Just like us, they form social structures, known as “pecking orders”, and all chickens know their place on the ladder. They dream just like we do, experiencing REM (rapid eye movement) during sleep. These chickens at our sanctuary, who were rescued from imminent slaughter and in a terrible condition with very few feathers, now love to play and will run, jump and sunbathe whenever the sun is shining.

Please consider making a donation to help with the continued care of the Chicken Crew, or contact us for more information about sponsorship and friendship packs.


You have our deepest gratitude for choosing to support our sanctuary and helping us to care for our precious residents. Thank you for being one of ‘the best people’!

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