Bess the pig at the Big V sanctuary


Bess was born at an organic farm that kept pure bred mangalitsas. The farmer did not want Bess because she and her siblings, Little Bean and Teddy, were cross-bred, so the farmer did not want them near his other stock for fear that they would contaminate the blood line. The farmer’s children were going to keep the piglets as pets but then changed their mind. So Bess and her family arrived to us completely infested with mites. It was pretty horrific. The organic farmer’s ethos was that he did not either treat or feed his pigs. He just let them into the forest to fend for themselves. If they became sick they would fall over and die. His attitude was that they would either grow stronger or die and he would be left with a stronger, tastier pigs. We did originally have a group of five but two have moved on to foster homes.

Please consider making a donation to help with the continued care of Bess, or contact us for more information about sponsorship and friendship packs.


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