Alba the dog


Alba came to us because her matriarch had died. She had lived with one lady her whole life, and she was ten years old. When the old lady died no one in her family wanted Alba, so she was off to the SPA. She was suffering deeply from grief; she had chewed off most of her tail and her back end, and she was hideously overweight – almost killed with kindness. She could hardly walk, she couldn’t run, she wasn’t used to walking on a lead as she had never been let out of the compound.

When we had her, she had no coat, just stubble, her nose was sore from rubbing it repeatedly on a surface. She took a good two months to bond to us, and remained to Miranda. Once settled, she learnt to walk and run, and reached an ideal weight. Slightly mouthy, she would bark at anyone and everything, and did not particularly like other dogs. Dear Alba, preferred her own company, but was very loving and very loyal; we miss her dearly.

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