George was the father of Anikin. He came to us from a back garden of someone who did not want him anymore. He was an entire male. He was quite elderly and he liked to butt, so they used to fight between the two of them so that George could show that he was dad again. But, he was very demonstrative and quite loving.

He was the escape artist, rather than his son. So, he took advantage if someone did not shut the gate properly and he could get his head through. He did not mind human interaction and would do anything for a biscuit. He was a bit like a weird uncle who you would meet at a disco, that you know you have to invite, but sometimes you wish you didn’t, because, at the most inopportune time, George would decide to try to mount his son. This was usually at the beginning of a guided tour! So, while we are introducing George and Anikin, George would be doing something nefarious with his son.  But he was a nice person, though he would not let his son supersede him in the reign of power.

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