In memory of ...

In memory of the past residents of the sanctuary

  • Sebastian

    Sebastian was the quietest boar, the most loving and gentle dad, always giving way to his lifelong mate Belle. He was Phoebe’s dad and Tom’s, Isabelle, Rose, Florence and Charles. He was a superb father, always letting his kids go first, always there to protect his mate, whom he never left or overlooked. He arrived to us, so broken and abused, so terrified, with his caved in snout from the use of a shovel. A deformity our vet was unable to correct, that left Seb with a rather loud snuffle, so we always knew where he was. However scared he was at the start he valiantly stood before his pregnant…

  • George

    George was the father of Anikin. He came to us from a back garden of someone who did not want him anymore. He was an entire male. He was quite elderly and he liked to butt, so they used to fight between the two of them so that George could show that he was dad again. But, he was very demonstrative and quite loving. He was the escape artist, rather than his son. So, he took advantage if someone did not shut the gate properly and he could get his head through. He did not mind human interaction and would do anything for a biscuit. He was a bit like…

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  • Alba the dog


    Alba came to us because her matriarch had died. She had lived with one lady her whole life, and she was ten years old. When the old lady died no one in her family wanted Alba, so she was off to the SPA. She was suffering deeply from grief; she had chewed off most of her tail and her back end, and she was hideously overweight – almost killed with kindness. She could hardly walk, she couldn’t run, she wasn’t used to walking on a lead as she had never been let out of the compound. When we had her, she had no coat, just stubble, her nose was sore…

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  • Blossom the pig


    Blossom came from a factory farm, and she was destined to be killed against the thumping wall. She was the runt of the litter, probably trapped the wrong side of mummy in the farrowing crate. She had not suckled properly and was suffering from severe complications due to calcium deficiency. Her hips were deformed and she was covered in abscesses. Blossom arrived when she was just ten days old. The vet arrived within a couple of hours to start her lengthy process of rehabilitation. She needed several surgeries, extensive physiotherapy and unconditional love. Blossom grew into an athletic, intelligent person, but remained bashful and easily intimidated by the other pigs.…

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  • Luna

    This little lady needed our help urgently. She had suffered an unknown traumatic event which has caused paralysis in a rear leg. The farmer, who called us direct, wanted her to get better and have a life where she was cared for. He did not have the time to give to her and it was unclear if she would be able to stand and, therefore, may not be a profitable enterprise. He did not want to put her to her death, and was very pleased to relinquish her to our Sanctuary. We collected Luna, at that time unnamed, and settled her in our barn. A fundraiser on Facebook helped us…

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  • Holly at the Big V sanctuary


    Holly came from a farm that was fattening her up to go to slaughter. Holly broke her leg so she walked a little lame and it looks awkward. Her leg was plastered so that she would be able to walk up the ramp of the slaughter lorry. All animals have to be able to make their own way to their death. We asked the vet if was worth operating but he did not wish to expose her to further trauma. She was relinquished to us on the day of her slaughter because the farmer had a change of heart. You have our deepest gratitude for choosing to support our sanctuary…

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  • Hiona at the Big V sanctuary


    Hiona was a French dog, and she came from near Clermont Ferrand. Hiona was victim of a divorce. Sometimes people fight over custody of a pet; the family split and she was no longer wanted. She was incredibly skittish and unable to walk on a lead at all. We didn’t know why she was so nervous because it appeared that she came from a loving home, but she was still incredibly hand shy, no matter what we did. Meet Hiona one of the happy residents of the Big V vegan animal sanctuary in the Haute Vienne France, read her story and find out how to help

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  • Anikin the sheep at the Big V sanctuary


    Anikin was the son of George. He was originally kept by people to mow their law. Sadly, as is so often the case, people change their minds so they were relinquished to the sanctuary so that they had the chance of a home with someone who was prepared to let them live out their lives naturally, which they did. You have our deepest gratitude for choosing to support our sanctuary and helping us to care for our precious residents. Thank you for being one of ‘the best people’!

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  • Lilly the sheep at Big V


    Lilly arrived at Easter 2018. A spring lamb, she was destined to be killed and eaten – a quickly forgotten meal would have cost her one precious life. She was released to us because she had a broken leg and was, therefore, unlikely to survive without care and treatment which the farmer was not willing to give. Upon her arrival at the sanctuary her leg was treated and placed in a cast and she was given medication for early onset pneumonia. She then enjoyed the kindness and gentle loving care that she deserved here at the sanctuary. You have our deepest gratitude for choosing to support our sanctuary and helping…

  • Azra the dog at the Big V sanctuary


    Azra was one of our many rescued dogs. She was a police dog in Serbia who, after seven years of service, was thrown onto the streets to fend for herself. She was taken in by two subsequent ‘owners’ only to be thrown out on the streets again. Life on the streets and abuse resulted in a number of injuries including dislodged teeth and problems with her mouth for which she received treatment. She liked to take life easy these days and quietly accepts the attention of Blake, our young rescued pigeon. You can read a full account of Azra’s story on the Big V Blog following major surgery back in…